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✨Visiting the yurt info

✨Finding the yurt directions



✨Visiting the yurt info


Please respect the space and be conscious of the following... 


Do not arrive early, even by 2 minutes. There is no waiting room and sound travels into the yurt really easily. Please do not talk loudly on your phone or to other people in the driveway or in your car or have your stereo on. This is likely to disturb someone else's yurt time or the neighbours. Please stay in your car quietly until I meet you or give you a wave to come in. 

Do not come to the gate or wander around as you may hear someones private session. 

Please be patient and wait inside your car. 

Please only park in the drive way and not any where else on the farm.



There is space for you to park in the drive way. Please make sure there is space for cars to get out (apart from the black Honda which is mine).


Yurt space

Shoes: The yurt is a shoe free zone. This is important as it keeps the space clear and the wooden floor clean. 

*please do not step on the wooden floor or rainbow mat with your shoes at all*

Please only put your shoes on as you go out the door on the outdoor wooden step

There is a little cupboard outside for your shoes. Be aware. It's amazing how many people don't get this! 

Wearing shoes that are easy to get on and off is perfect. 

Also when it's raining it can be muddy so best not to come in your fancy shoes😊


Phone: Please do not bring your mobile phone into the yurt✨if you have to bring it in please completely switch it off (not just put it on silent) before you come in so it doesn't disturb you or anyone else's special time in the yurt.


Door: As the door is low please watch your lovely head when going in and out. You are likely to feel taller as you leave and it's really common for people to hit their head unexpectedly.

There is a step to get in and out of the yurt. Please be careful. You may feel a bit spaced out after a session 😊


After: It can be difficult to leave the cosy yurt after a session. It's a busy place so there may be someone else waiting outside. Please be mindful of someone else waiting to come in for their time in the yurt. You will have a few minutes after your session before you have to go but if you feel like you need more time before you travel home you may like to go for a walk or have a rest in your car.


A few other things...

Payment for all sessions is at time of booking by bank transfer. Jen will send you details by text or email. If payment is not received your session is not booked and may be offered to someone else. Please make your transfer as soon as you book your session to avoid this.  


✨If you have to cancel your session please do this at least 48 hours before to avoid a cancellation charge. If you do not show up for your session no refund is due.


✨If you feel unwell or think you have a contagious condition please let me know before you come to check its ok to come for your session.


✨There's no lost property department therefore please make sure you take all your belongings home with you!


✨While emotional baggage is most welcome, lots of physical bags of stuff are not ideal. Please just bring what you need for sessions especially during busy classes.


✨To make sure you are comfortable and to prevent indigestion it's best to avoid eating a big meal before a session. A light meal two hours before is recommended.


✨To get the most benefit from your session it's best to drink lots of water (1 to 2 litres) and rest as much as possible after to support integration. Ideally you will be able to go home and rest or sleep.


✨Drinking alcohol after a session is not recommended and can make you feel unwell. Please do not do this.


✨Anything you are not sure about or need some guidance on please get in touch 07931886573 or


✨Finding the yurt directions

The Reconnect to Self Yurt is situated on a farm near Whitekirk

The address is 9 Lochhouses Cottages, Dunbar, EH42 1XP


The directions below are quite detailed to help you find it effortlessly. After the first few times it’s super easy.

It is a good idea to take a screen shot of the directions and save it on your phone as internet reception is patchy on the farm.



From Whitekirk ~ Take the A198 out of Whitekirk towards Tyninghame

Through the tunnel of trees 

There is a left turn on the bend marked LOCHHOUSES

Turn in here


From Tyninghame come straight up the A198 towards Whitekirk 

Turn right at the bend marked LOCHHOUSES


On the LOCHHOUSES road

You will see a sign for Harvest Moon and Lochouses Farm

Follow the signs for HARVEST MOON

Straight up the long track

You will come to signs with choices

Green way - tree houses

Blue way - safari tents and farm cottages


To the left, straight up the track

You will see lovely horses on the left 

(Unless it’s dark 😊)

Remember it is a farm track with a speed limit of 10miles an hour

There will be a bend to the right, then go straight 

After the sign saying “slow down” there is a speed bump 

You will now see a row of cottages on the left

Go past these and stay on the road 

(if you turn left here you will be off track and likely be lost!)

Keep going which will bring you through farm buildings (do not go up the driveway to the main farm house please)

Again stay slow as you drive through the farm

Be aware you need to take a turn to the left 

just at the end of farm buildings

Take the turn to the left before the Harvest Moon reception and farm house on the right


On this left turn you will see no 10 cottage ahead straight ahead & and a sign detailing where the yurt is

Go round to the right and the driveway for✨ the yurt is on the left

Pull in here

Please only park in the yurt drive way not outside this area as farm vehicles need to pass

You’ll see a big tree

✨Park here - allowing space for cars to get out 


I'll meet you at your car at the time of your session. Please stay inside your car.

Please don't wonder around the farm or driveway or come to the gate.  There is no waiting room and for privacy for people having sessions please stay inside your car. Jen will give you a wave when good to come in. Absolutely do not arrive early and expect to come in! Even by two minutes. I may still be with someone and this can disturb their session.

Please wait patiently inside your car. When waiting in your car please be aware of sound travelling into the yurt and do not have your stereo on (especially not the news!) or be speaking loudly on your phone. There is also a baby in no 10 cottage and so please be quiet when in the drive way. 

Many thanks.



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