Kundalini Yoga🙌

🌟Yoga with Jen is far from ordinary … it’s a nourishing, enriching & powerful experience.

Jen draws upon her many areas of expertise, to deliver a light touch, authentic & loving internal dive into Kundalini magic … Shari


🌟Jen opened up my world to a deeper sense of self through Kundalini Yoga.

With Jen as my teacher I learned a dedication practice or mantra, kryia & breath work which has allowed me to connect with loving myself, community & knowing my purpose- Sat Nam! 🙏🏽 Sally Harris, Groundswell Scotland, https://groundswell-scotland.org


🌟 I love her 11 day yoga resets, which she runs throughout the year. I am from Scotland but live in Sussex and do these sessions from my sitting room via Zoom, which works beautifully. These resets never fail to create healthy physical and mental shifts. Sheena, Detox Health Beauty https://www.detoxhealthbeauty.com


🌟After my first reset I was hooked because it created a nice, consistent routine that I really needed and stabilised me. It's a great way to restart if I find myself straying and being less consistent in life. The daily voice notes are so informative and encouraging. I find I am quite addicted to these resets! It's such a lovely way to begin the day 🤍Jill


🌟 I’m healing really well after donating a Kidney two weeks ago. Im feeling stronger and less tired every day and haven’t needed an afternoon nap today.  I’m so grateful for all the Reiki healing energy I’ve received and also how fit my body is, from being a student of Kundalini yoga. These combined has put me in a great place for healing.  I’m so Grateful for the gorgeous nurturing space Jen holds in the Yurt.


🌟Resets are challenging and rewarding at the same time. The support and encouragement from Jen allows you to complete your goal, feel amazing, and tap into super productive energy to use how you want. Well worth doing. Jen is a truly wonderful yoga teacher. She creates unique lessons and intuitively sets exactly the right energy for every class. Kundalini yoga is the most magical yoga, and with Jen's guidance, I feel a real sense of inner connection and peace at the end of each class. I highly recommend Jen as your go-to Yoga Guru! Claire Higgens


🌟I have been lucky enough to participate in Jen's weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes for over 2 years now & they have truly transformed my life. Jen has a seemingly unlimited wealth of knowledge about yoga, the body, the mind & the spirit - her classes are much more than a just a yoga session! I feel that each week not only am I building on & strengthening my yoga abilities but also learning about the importance of taking care of my spiritual & physical self - through self-care, quality nourishment & exercise. Jen's classes are relaxed, fun & informative - I always come away feeling rejuvenated & with ideas for continuing my journey of self-improvement.  Jen is one of those people you meet in life who inspires you to be the best version of yourself, she's a powerful, knowledgeable & kind teacher inclusive & welcoming to all. If you're considering Kundalini Yoga, you won't find a better place to practise! Kim


 🌟I was looking into yoga when Jen introduced me to Kundalini. I have learned so much more about how my body works and although I am not always able to do the postures as well as Jen does, I certainly feel the benefits after my body has moved in ways it is not used to doing. I love her encouragement to do our best and with the option of a zoom call, I can do all this in the privacy of my own home. If you are not sure about yoga, I would definitely suggest you give this a try for yourself. 

Jane Quinn, Director, https://www.miworldconsultancy.co.uk 



Reiki sessions🙏


🌟My first ever experience with reiki was with Jen ten years ago. It was an incredible experience, that’s hard to put into words. I completely submit to experience the energy, shifts and clearing that happens during the treatment.  Jen’s work with reiki is clear, and I love her approach to the sessions in working with you to see what’s happening for you at that time and enabling you to find the words you need to receive the life force energy.  The answers are within, her guidance will help you shine the light on them.  From my first treatment saw me with her guiding light to being attuned to reiki I, II and III.  Highly recommend anyone to experience this with Jen.  Thank you beautiful light for all you have shared. James, https://holistic-anam-therapy.com 


🌟I have an ongoing back injury which generally I manage through exercise - running & yoga. Recently I twisted awkwardly & set it off into spasm - resulting in excruciating pain & debilitating restriction of movement. Normally it takes me around 3 months to work the spasms out & get back to some level of normality. This time I booked into a healing reiki session with Jen, I could not have been more amazed to walk in with an 8/10 pain level & leave with a 2/10 level. The session was relaxing, peaceful & healing. Over the next week or two my back progressively improved until I was back to my 'normal' level - I honestly feel like Jen has performed a small miracle -enabling me to fast forward my healing in the space of 2 weeks, what would normally take 3 months! Kim


🌟I would highly recommend an aromatherapy /paradiso treatment with Jen. I find these sessions help healing and relaxation and I always leave feeling balanced. My muscles feel more relaxed and overall I feel lighter and I always feel very calm after seeing Jen. Jen offers a unique and holistic approach and I would highly recommend a treatment with her. Rebecca O’Connor https://www.beatitudeproducts.co.uk 


Reiki training🙏


🌟I have also had the pleasure of studying and learning reiki from Jen, which is a skill I use on my family, friends and furry friends. Sheena, Detox Health Beauty www.detoxhealthbeauty.com 


🌟I was curious about Reiki after feeling the benefits myself after a few sessions. I enrolled for the Reiki one class so I would be able to perform reiki on myself and was so excited to have Jen as my teacher. I kept going and recently passed level three. The people and animals I practice on have all given me great feedback. Jen is very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable and I am glad to be part of her teacher gatherings where she has brought her students together to create a reiki community where we can all grow and learn together. There’s something in the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, I am glad Jen is the one that appeared for me.  Jane Quinn, Director, miworld consultancy https://www.miworldconsultancy.co.uk


🌟I have been a student of Jen's for several years, and she has been a hugely important teacher in my life. 

Jen's really introduced me to reiki and I have completed Reiki levels 1-4 under her guidance.  Jen hold a gentle, nurturing and very safe space in her reiki classes.  She explains everything with ease & fun, while at the same time bringing deep wisdom  and insight into her teaching.

Jen has been such an important figure in my spiritual journey.  She is unassuming, warm and supportive, but also not afraid to say what needs to be said.  She doesn't take any shit!

Jen's reconnect to self recordings have been a beautiful gift.  Lovely 10 minute meditations, that I have called upon when I need them (recently before running the marathon with a knee injury!).  Her voice and whole energy is calming and soothing, and it takes you to a place where healing happens.

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone in search of healing, or to begin or develop their reiki connection.

Thank you Jen, for all you do! 🙏💛🌸

Caroline Foster, The Yoga Den, https://www.yoga-den.co.uk 


🌟I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to choose Jen as my teacher through Reiki 1, 2 and 3. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and support throughout, always caring about answering any questions I’ve had and ensuring my well-being. 

Jens students are in very capable hands as her courses have the depth of study for the most inquisitive of minds and the abundance of love and encouragement for the least confident, providing just the right balance between challenge and support.

 She really does meet everyone where they are and relates her teaching so brilliantly, balancing both intention and relatability to perfection.

As a professional floral designer I wanted to incorporate my reiki practice into my business. You truly supported me Jen and for that I’m forever grateful. 

I just didn’t want each course to end and always came away utterly inspired and having learned far more than I could ever have expected. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. I’ve found her courses life-changing. Sue Smillie https://www.suesmillie.co.uk


Reiki with animals 🐶


🌟My first experience with Reiki was with my dog Vinnie at a dog charity fundraiser. A peaceful area was set up with cushions and lovely incense surrounding us. Once everyone was settled, Jen took us through a mediation, her soothing voice soon saw us all in a calm, restful space, Vinnie even fell asleep. We were then attuned to Reiki - a process so relaxing, I dozed off myself. I was so impressed with the overall calming effect of Reiki, additionally I felt more connected to my dog on a different level. I then went on to take Jen’s Reiki Class 1 at the Yurt. Shortly after this, my elderly dog ‘Woody’ suffered from a spinal stroke and lost his rear end mobility - he was 14 at the time. For nearly 8 weeks, I practiced daily Reiki sessions with him, as well as gentle massaging the area and his hind legs. One evening my hubby and I were having our dinner and low and behold, Woody was standing in the kitchen, we were both quite speechless. He then over the next few days regained his mobility, has never looked back and recently celebrated his 16th birthday. I personally feel it was a little doggy miracle. 

I have since had my other dogs attuned by Jen, and also taken ‘Reiki Class 2’. Jen was also able to help me get inside the mind of my little rescue Poodle and I think he’s been much more confident since his session, we have all benefited much and I’m so very grateful to Jen for her help and my dogs love her! VB


🌟i was first told about Jen when i had my gorgeous girl Daisy at the vet physio. she had hurt her back leg and had slept in my bed since she was a puppy and for a week she had not been able to get upstairs. 

Daisy and i went down to the yurt for reiki healing and it is such a magical place. jen is a beautiful person inside and out and Daisy made herself right at home in the yurt. after just one reiki session daisy climbed the stairs that evening. i was so happy as i had been sleeping on the couch to be beside her. 

jen made us feel so relaxed and welcome and i felt amazing myself when i came out. 

we had a couple more reiki sessions then i decided to do my Reiki 1. i had not known much about reiki until i met jen but feeling thr benefits myself and seeing the amazing change in Daisy that night made me want to learn all i could.

Jen is an amazing teacher her voice so soothing and learning about reiki helped me understand what it actually was.

my beautiful girl crossed to the rainbow bridge a few months ago and my world fell apart. i do not think i could have coped had it not been for jen. she helped me through my grief and i joined the tuesday night relaxation. i cannot recommend this night highly enough. the feeling of utter relaxation when you leave the yurt and the feeling of peace inside the yurt is absolutely amazing. through guided meditation and jens soothing voice i have had such vivid visions of my Daisy that i know she always with me. and even if u just want to join the healing and not speak thats fine too. at a time when all I wanted to do was dig a hole and hide the Tuesday nights in the yurt would get me through the week. A very special place and and a very very special human. JH


🌟I have used Jen for several years as an animal Reiki practitioner. Her calmness and kindness when working with my horse makes him very receptive to Reiki.

Animal Reiki has helped my horse cope much better with situations that he finds challenging.  This has markedly lessened his anxiety and reactiveness. In turn my confidence has increased and this has helped me to support him if he feels overwhelmed.  

As an older horse he has aches and pains. He now presents the areas of his body that need additional energy for him to feel more comfortable. 

The fact that he chooses to receive Reiki leads me to believe that he really enjoys it and benefits from it. Karen


Sessions with Jen


🌟Having experienced the incredible benefits of Reiki with my dogs with Jen - I have had several sessions with her myself, including soul retrieval. Jen gave me the tools to cope and understand past trauma in my life, and understand the long term effects it was having and ways to manage that, which has helped me immensely all around. During one session, I had Reiki and soul retrieval with her and felt so peaceful for days afterwards, it’s a wonderful joyful feeling that’s hard to explain. Since my sessions, I’ve become more aware and in tune with nature, the seasons, my surroundings - not to mention, I’ve taken more time to immensely improve my own diet and just feel so much better all around. VB


🌟 I have been lucky to visit Jen and her yurt for seven years now and each visit has been special.  In December 2022, after a family trauma in August 2022, I arrived with my nerves completely fried and an emotional wreck. I was exhausted, stuck in a place of fear and distress. Jen’s patience, empathy, kindness and calm along with the power of the soul retrieval resulted in me leaving the yurt feeling complete. For the first time in six months I felt solid, like I’d been rebuilt!! My nerves were returned to a place of calm and I had a feeling of peace that I hadn’t had in months. Six months later and I still feel that sense of peace and calm and I can never thank Jen and her soul retrieval enough. RC


🌟 I was first introduced to Jen after receiving a gift voucher for a Paradiso session. I had received Reiki before but I had no idea what a life changing experience Jen would give me. She has helped me explore my greater self , my emotions and has given me the tools to better manage my physical and mental health. So much so that I embarked on the Reiki classes and am now trained at Level II. I give myself Reiki most days and it helps me regulate myself especially after a challenging day.

I would highly highly recommend Jen ! She is an amazing, intuitive, exceptional Reiki master ! Morven


🌟I meet Jen once or twice a year either in East Lothian at her yurt, or via Zoom for an intention setting/manifesting session and these are always truly magical and potent meetings.  If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying Jen’s food at one of her day retreats, you will know that her food is not only delicious and super healthy, it’s medicinal. Sheena DHB https://www.detoxhealthbeauty.com


🌟At a difficult time in my life I discovered Jen and the magical yurt, hidden away in a leafy corner of East Lothian. It was the ultimate luxury to sit with Jen and talk through my troubles over a cup of herbal tea, followed by a session as the afternoon light faded. It was the time, seemingly endless, and the peace that I valued the most; an escape from our busy world. CL


🌟I recently went for a  Soul Retrieval session with the amazing Jen Gold. Following many years of having the intention to try the process, I was welcomed into a beautiful toasty yurt, fire blazing to see what the evening would bring. 

We set the space and had a chat about issues and intentions and got clear on the key things. Throughout I could feel massive shifts of energy, releasing, letting go and there was a welcoming as  parts of my soul came back.

There was a massive releasing and letting go and a beautiful bridge of light formed to welcome those lost parts of my soul back. A real ceremonial welcoming and making way. Each soul fragment returning and anchoring in like they were home. 

Soul loss can happen as a way to survive traumatic events. A piece of your soul breaks away in that time of trauma as a way to protect you, in order to survive. You may not even know they are missing or may just feel like something is missing but you don’t know what! 

For me, there was a definite feeling of wholeness, of returning to myself that is still processing. Especially my ❤️heart...! It was like holes had been filled that I didn’t even realise were there until the pieces came back. Like the corny line from Gerry McGuire “you complete me”. However, only we can complete ourselves, no one else can do that for us. By doing the work, clearing the crap and trauma and connecting with ourselves and divine consciousness (or whatever YOU want to call it). I welcome back those lost pieces of my soul with open arms, a grateful and happy heart. Thank you, to those pieces of my soul, for keeping me safe in the moment and I am so pleased you are home!  KT



Herbal Medicine🌳


🌟Herbal medicine: Attended Jen for a herbal medicine consultation in respect of hay fever. Jen was very thorough with her questioning and took time to listen to my answers which resulted in a wonderful remedy being prescribed which was harmonised to me and substantially reduced the symptoms. 

Jen is passionate in her endeavours to assist in a calm, natural and therapeutic way.

Will continue to highly recommend Jen’s services. MW 


About Jen

🌟I feel exceptionally fortunate to have known Jen for years as she is one of the wisest and most knowledgeable woman I know. I have been in the world of wellbeing for over two decades and know many experts but there is no one like Jen. She has helped to guide me through the good and the bad times using yoga, massage, reiki, essential oils and talking therapy. Jen is incredibly clever, intuitive and articulate and is able to impart her wisdom and knowledge simply and powerfully. I just love her and am so grateful to have her in my life 💕💗Sheena, Detox Health Beauty https://www.detoxhealthbeauty.com


🌟I couldn't have asked the Universe for a better tutor and guide than Jen. For me it's important I feel safe, connected and comfortable with a person, and in an environment, when learning as it can be a vulnerable exposing experience at times. Jen provided all of this and more. She has challenged and pushed me too, but only in the ways necessary to make me live up to my fullest potential. Jill


🌟A friend recommended going to see Jen about 6 years ago and since then I have never looked back! Both Jen and the yurt are incredible and need to be experienced to be believed. I started going to Jen for reiki and since then have completed reiki 1, 2 and 3 myself which I have Jen to thank for as I would never have thought of doing these courses unless she had suggested them. I use reiki daily for myself and others. The reiki classes gave me a way to heal myself and others using life force energy. I use it to help with stress and many other things.

I also joined Jens kundalini yoga classes and these are wonderful and give me so much more than regular yoga. They have been beneficial health wise physical and mentally especially doing them during lockdowns. They also helped with keeping healthy during the covid pandemic as I was able to continue them on zoom.

I have done a few soul retrievals now with Jen and each have been extremely special spiritually in their own way and they have enable me to find my true purpose.

I have immensively enjoyed the Tuesday evening meditation and connection classes in the yurt. I have been able to connect now with several of my own spirit guides and use them in every day life to guide and help me make decisions. Jen provides a calming and safe space to ground and connect with my guides

Jens paradiso sessions are amazing! I love going to the yurt and totally focusing on 3 hours of self care. We all need this! Chatting with Jen always helps clear the mind and the reiki and massage sessions are so relaxing and healing.

My life has changed dramatically since meeting Jen several years ago, I cannot praise her enough and the work she does for humans and animals alike. Jen doesn’t just use the tools needs to promote health and well being but she actually shows you how to use those tools yourself to help us connect to ourselves and heal from within which is vitally important for health and happiness.

Jen is always willing to share her knowledge and wisdom to help others to help themselves. Jen can see the shine in us and helps us ourselves to see the shine not only in ourselves but others too. Jen is a holistic healer who I turned to after being failed by “modern medicine” She enabled me to peel back the layers physically and emotionally so I could learn to listen to my own body and be guided to what it needed using natures tools. Jen holds a safe space in her incredible yurt which feels clam and cosy with its wood burner and simple furnishings. It’s a magical space where healing happens. VJ


About Yurt🛖🧡


🌟Jen’s yurt is a magical space of peace and tranquility where healing happens … AS


🌟Being in the yurt feels like settling into the softest, safest embrace. It holds the busyness and debris of day-to-day life at bay, so you have the space to recover and renew. I’ve been visiting Jen and the yurt for 13 years now, so that says it all! CW


🌟The unique setting of the yurt is placed in the East Lothian countryside - offering warmth & love, to all that are lucky enough to experience it. Thank you for the many years of continuing delight … for holding such a beautiful space… Shari


Reconnect Recordings


🌟Jen Gold is a ray of sunshine. A ray of sunshine you want and need in your life. Jen has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge which she readily shares with kindness and understanding. I have the privilege of benefitting from Jen’s expertise in both meditation and reiki - human and animal. I have, and will continue to, recommend Jen to friends and clients.

Suzi Burns, Burning Brightly Qi Gong & Meditation https://www.burning-brightly.co.uk


🌟What a delight to receive the calming, soothing mindfulness recordings. 

At the end of a hard day nothing better but to switch one on and be transported back to the healing powers of the Yurt and come out the other end to a calm world. Just wonderful to have in your well being tool kit. MW 


🌟I have several wonderful meditation recordings from Jen and if I’m feeling a bit of a wobble, listening to those helps me get back into the right headspace. VB








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