🌟 I have been lucky to visit Jen and her yurt for seven years now and each visit has been special.  In December 2022, after a family trauma in August 2022, I arrived with my nerves completely fried and an emotional wreck. I was exhausted, stuck in a place of fear and distress. Jen’s patience, empathy, kindness and calm along with the power of the soul retrieval resulted in me leaving the yurt feeling complete. For the first time in six months I felt solid, like I’d been rebuilt!! My nerves were returned to a place of calm and I had a feeling of peace that I hadn’t had in months. Six months later and I still feel that sense of peace and calm and I can never thank Jen and her soul retrieval enough. RC

🌟I recently went for a  Soul Retrieval session with the amazing Jen Gold. Following many years of having the intention to try the process, I was welcomed into a beautiful toasty yurt, fire blazing to see what the evening would bring. 

We set the space and had a chat about issues and intentions and got clear on the key things. Throughout I could feel massive shifts of energy, releasing, letting go and there was a welcoming as  parts of my soul came back.

There was a massive releasing and letting go and a beautiful bridge of light formed to welcome those lost parts of my soul back. A real ceremonial welcoming and making way. Each soul fragment returning and anchoring in like they were home. 

Soul loss can happen as a way to survive traumatic events. A piece of your soul breaks away in that time of trauma as a way to protect you, in order to survive. You may not even know they are missing or may just feel like something is missing but you don’t know what! 

For me, there was a definite feeling of wholeness, of returning to myself that is still processing. Especially my ❤️heart...! It was like holes had been filled that I didn’t even realise were there until the pieces came back. Like the corny line from Gerry McGuire “you complete me”. However, only we can complete ourselves, no one else can do that for us. By doing the work, clearing the crap and trauma and connecting with ourselves and divine consciousness (or whatever YOU want to call it). I welcome back those lost pieces of my soul with open arms, a grateful and happy heart. Thank you, to those pieces of my soul, for keeping me safe in the moment and I am so pleased you are home!  KT


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