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✨How to book
✨Gift vouchers 
✨Info on types of sessions

How to book a session

✨Decide on a session type 
including length of session time e.g. 2hrs

✨Choose a date & time from the 
available sessions page 

✨Text 07931886573
✨email or click here

✨Give your details including your name, phone number, email address, session info and date & time you would like to book.

✨If you have a gift voucher please give the number at the time of booking and bring it with you to your session as payment✨

Payment for all sessions is at time of booking. When you book your session, you will receive a confirmation message with bank transfer info. Payments are by bank transfer only. It's not ok to pay in cash when you arrive.

Gift vouchers
✨Gift vouchers are available for sessions. They can be posted out or dropped off if local.

Does Jen do massage sessions or home visits? No. Jen stopped both massage and home visits a few years ago. Please don't ask if you can add massage to a healing session or if Jen will make an exception for you! 

There is a little bit of massage included in the paradiso  but they are not massage sessions. 

What types of sessions are there?

✨Paradiso 🌴 
✨3hrs £111

☀️🏝️Summer Paradiso offer☀️🏝️
✨3hrs £100 until end of August✨

✨Healing session 
 including reiki, soul retrieval, aura clearing and deep relaxation.

90mins £70
2hrs £80

✨Reiki 1:1 training 
✨Reiki 1 £122
✨Reiki 2 £322
✨Reiki 3 £322

✨Kundalini Yoga 1:1 
2hrs £70 (individual or up to 3 people)

✨Animal (with human) Reiki  
60min £40
90min £50
Distance healing free

✨There's a great benefit in investing in multiple sessions. It allows the time, space and integration to go much deeper than one session.  Jen offers a discount for those who book three sessions in advance.

✨3x 90 min sessions £180
✨3x 2hr sessions £210
✨3x 3hr sessions £290

🌟This discount is for one individual (not to be given to anyone else) and lasts for 6 months from date of first booking🌟

What's a Paradiso?

A 3hr session to unplug, deeply relax and recharge

Includes a holistic consultation with self care map creation, aromatherapy massage, reiki , soul retrieval and healing.

Especially good for therapists, parents, carers, teachers, those who give a lot and need to balance, recharge and feel nourished. A lush amount of time to go deep. After a paradiso session it can feel like you've had time away, like a holiday.

To celebrate 11 years of the paradiso and all its lushness

☀️🏝️Summer paradiso session offer £100 until end of August☀️🏝️


What happens in a Reiki session?

Lying down on the therapy table and getting comfortable (no need to take off any clothes). Then Jen will gently make reiki available to you and you can drift off into relaxation and healing. Most people describe reiki as a warm, relaxing and soothing feeling. More info on reiki here


What's a Soul Retrieval?

More info here

Soul retrievals and reiki are wonderful together and Jen offers them as part of a 2 hour or paradiso session.

Especially good when feeling lost, scattered, chaotic, stuck or a bit off.


What's Aura Clearing?

A reiki technique to remove negative psychic energy and promote healing.

More info here


Does Jen do massage sessions or home visits?

No. Jen stopped both massage sessions and home visits a few years ago. Please don't ask if she will make an exception for you! 

It is possible to have a home visit for end of life healing.


Can I have an online session?

Yes. Online sessions are available for kundalini yoga, meditation and healing sessions. They are usually done on zoom and are booked in the same way as yurt sessions.


Can I do reiki 1, 2 & 3 training with Jen as a private 1:1 session?


Reiki 1 training is 3 hours £122

✨Reiki 2 training is 9 hrs £322

✨Reiki 3 training is 9 hrs £322

Booking is the same as booking a regular session with Jen.


Can I do reiki training as part of a group?

Not with Jen.✨Caroline Foster is a wonderful teacher and holds regular group Reiki classes at The Yoga Den in East Linton link here

It may be possible to have a private group session with Jen if you book with 3 or more people. Reiki 1 as a group would be a 7hr class, Reiki 2 would be a two day class, Reiki 3 would be over at least three sessions.


Contact Jen for more info.


Can I do kundalini yoga as a 1:1 session?

Yes. 1:1 sessions are great as an introduction to kundalini yoga and the sequence of classes. They are also good to see if kundalini yoga feels right for you before committing to a weekly class. More info on kundalini yoga here

Especially good if you feel drawn to start weekly kundalini yoga classes also if you already practice and would like deepen your knowledge and understanding.


What is animal reiki?

Animals are super sensitive to energy and don't have the resistance that some humans can have. They too receive the benefits of reiki and space to heal themselves. Their humans are also present in sessions which opens up the powerful mirror for deeper connection and understanding.

Especially good in times of tension between animals and their humans and to support physical and psychological healing. More info on animal reiki sessions here



🌟Having experienced the incredible benefits of Reiki with my dogs with Jen - I have had several sessions with her myself, including soul retrieval. Jen gave me the tools to cope and understand past trauma in my life, and understand the long term effects it was having and ways to manage that, which has helped me immensely all around. During one session, I had Reiki and soul retrieval with her and felt so peaceful for days afterwards, it’s a wonderful joyful feeling that’s hard to explain. Since my sessions, I’ve become more aware and in tune with nature, the seasons, my surroundings - not to mention, I’ve taken more time to immensely improve my own diet and just feel so much better all around. VB


🌟 I was first introduced to Jen after receiving a gift voucher for a Paradiso session. I had received Reiki before but I had no idea what a life changing experience Jen would give me. She has helped me explore my greater self , my emotions and has given me the tools to better manage my physical and mental health. So much so that I embarked on the Reiki classes and am now trained at Level II. I give myself Reiki most days and it helps me regulate myself especially after a challenging day.

I would highly highly recommend Jen ! She is an amazing, intuitive, exceptional Reiki master ! Morven


🌟I meet Jen once or twice a year either in East Lothian at her yurt, or via Zoom for an intention setting/manifesting session and these are always truly magical and potent meetings.  If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying Jen’s food at one of her day retreats, you will know that her food is not only delicious and super healthy, it’s medicinal. Sheena DHB


🌟At a difficult time in my life I discovered Jen and the magical yurt, hidden away in a leafy corner of East Lothian. It was the ultimate luxury to sit with Jen and talk through my troubles over a cup of herbal tea, followed by a session as the afternoon light faded. It was the time, seemingly endless, and the peace that I valued the most; an escape from our busy world. CL

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