Reiki Gatherings in the yurt for those who have completed Reiki training with Jen at any level. 
✨Wed 19th June
✨Mon 29th July
✨Sat 21st September
✨Sun 27th October
 ✨Sun 15th December
✨6.30pm to 8.30pmish 
✨£11 includes Sri Lankan Delights meal
To book contact Jen


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese name for a form of healing re-discovered by a man called Mikao Usui. There are sources that suggest it has been around at different times and in different places throughout history, then lost and rediscovered again. At this time, Reiki is a vital tool which is used in healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues as well as to promote relaxation and soothe tensions. 


Reiki is also helpful for manifesting goals, changing unwanted habits and in strengthening prayers and meditations.


The fundamental principle of Reiki is to connect with universal life force energy and to receive this energy to support the person heal themselves. 


Why I love Reiki...

Reiki is a gentle, powerful healing space for everyone. It supports each person to heal themselves and works well with other medicines and therapies. 

I love sharing Reiki 1 with people as it gives them a tool to connect and receive healing energy any time or place. This is extremely supportive, empowering and gives them a simple way to connect with themselves.

Reiki 2 is great for deeper integration of self practice and to be able to share Reiki with others. It is an abundant resource for helping others to heal themselves.

Reiki 3 gives practitioners more healing tools to create a deeper healing experience for others, and also an increased connection to their Reiki practice and souls purpose.


Reiki sessions

Sessions with Jen

Available session times


Distance healing is available for free. Contact Jen with your intent and a photo to receive distance healing for yourself.


✨To book a Reiki Training - choose a time from the available session times page and then contact Jen


Reiki 1 training - Healing Self

Introduction to Reiki and healing. Reiki as a self healing tool.

Reiki 1 as a 1:1 training is 3 hours £122


Reiki 2 training - Healing others

Deepening self healing with Reiki symbols and distance healing practice. Sharing Reiki with others as a Reiki practitioner.

✨Reiki 2 as a 1:1 training is 9 hrs (over 2 sessions) £322


Reiki 3 Training - Advanced Practitioner 

Psychic surgery, healing attunements for others, symbols, crystal grid, living your purpose and deeper self healing.

The final stage of Reiki training is to become a Reiki Teacher.

✨Reiki 3 training is 9 hrs (over 3 sessions) £322


Reiki training with Caroline Foster at The Yoga Den


Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes! Reiki is a pure form of healing anyone can benefit from.  You do not need to believe in God or be able to meditate and it does not take years of practice!  It is simply passed on from teacher to student during the attunement.  As soon as this happens, one is able to channel Reiki. Therefore Reiki is easily learned and available to everyone.


Reiki sessions🙏

🌟My first ever experience with reiki was with Jen ten years ago. It was an incredible experience, that’s hard to put into words. I completely submit to experience the energy, shifts and clearing that happens during the treatment.  Jen’s work with reiki is clear, and I love her approach to the sessions in working with you to see what’s happening for you at that time and enabling you to find the words you need to receive the life force energy.  The answers are within, her guidance will help you shine the light on them.  From my first treatment saw me with her guiding light to being attuned to reiki I, II and III.  Highly recommend anyone to experience this with Jen.  Thank you beautiful light for all you have shared. James, 


🌟I have an ongoing back injury which generally I manage through exercise - running & yoga. Recently I twisted awkwardly & set it off into spasm - resulting in excruciating pain & debilitating restriction of movement. Normally it takes me around 3 months to work the spasms out & get back to some level of normality. This time I booked into a healing reiki session with Jen, I could not have been more amazed to walk in with an 8/10 pain level & leave with a 2/10 level. The session was relaxing, peaceful & healing. Over the next week or two my back progressively improved until I was back to my 'normal' level - I honestly feel like Jen has performed a small miracle -enabling me to fast forward my healing in the space of 2 weeks, what would normally take 3 months! Kim


🌟I would highly recommend an aromatherapy /paradiso treatment with Jen. I find these sessions help healing and relaxation and I always leave feeling balanced. My muscles feel more relaxed and overall I feel lighter and I always feel very calm after seeing Jen. Jen offers a unique and holistic approach and I would highly recommend a treatment with her. Rebecca O’Connor 


Reiki training🙏

🌟I have also had the pleasure of studying and learning reiki from Jen, which is a skill I use on my family, friends and furry friends. Sheena, Detox Health Beauty 


🌟I was curious about Reiki after feeling the benefits myself after a few sessions. I enrolled for the Reiki one class so I would be able to perform reiki on myself and was so excited to have Jen as my teacher. I kept going and recently passed level three. The people and animals I practice on have all given me great feedback. Jen is very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable and I am glad to be part of her teacher gatherings where she has brought her students together to create a reiki community where we can all grow and learn together. There’s something in the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, I am glad Jen is the one that appeared for me.  Jane Quinn, Director, miworld consultancy


🌟I have been a student of Jen's for several years, and she has been a hugely important teacher in my life. 

Jen's really introduced me to reiki and I have completed Reiki levels 1-4 under her guidance.  Jen hold a gentle, nurturing and very safe space in her reiki classes.  She explains everything with ease & fun, while at the same time bringing deep wisdom  and insight into her teaching.

Jen has been such an important figure in my spiritual journey.  She is unassuming, warm and supportive, but also not afraid to say what needs to be said.  She doesn't take any shit!

Jen's reconnect to self recordings have been a beautiful gift.  Lovely 10 minute meditations, that I have called upon when I need them (recently before running the marathon with a knee injury!).  Her voice and whole energy is calming and soothing, and it takes you to a place where healing happens.

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone in search of healing, or to begin or develop their reiki connection.

Thank you Jen, for all you do! 🙏💛🌸

Caroline Foster, The Yoga Den, 


🌟I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to choose Jen as my teacher through Reiki 1, 2 and 3. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and support throughout, always caring about answering any questions I’ve had and ensuring my well-being. 

Jens students are in very capable hands as her courses have the depth of study for the most inquisitive of minds and the abundance of love and encouragement for the least confident, providing just the right balance between challenge and support.

 She really does meet everyone where they are and relates her teaching so brilliantly, balancing both intention and relatability to perfection.

As a professional floral designer I wanted to incorporate my reiki practice into my business. You truly supported me Jen and for that I’m forever grateful. 

I just didn’t want each course to end and always came away utterly inspired and having learned far more than I could ever have expected. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. I’ve found her courses life-changing. Sue Smillie



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