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1:1 Sessions
 in the yurt and on zoom

Summer classes 
 in the yurt and on zoom
There will be 7 drop in classes in June✨which will be recorded and available on zoom until we start back to our weekly classes again on ✨Mon 19th August

Each class will be a special focus on a chakra🌼which can be done as all classes in sequence, an individual class or in any order🌀

☀️June classes☀️

✨Mon 10th 9.30am❤️root

✨Mon 10th 7pm🧡sacral

✨Tues 11th 9.30am💛solar plexus

✨Tues 18th 9.30am💚heart

✨Mon 24th 9.30am💙throat

✨Mon 24th 7pm💜3rd eye

✨Tues 25th 9.30am🤍crown 

✨Each drop in class is £12 or for all 7 classes and recordings is £55

After each one I will send the zoom link and also notes on the chakra as a mind map and voice recording for deeper connection🌀🧘🏻‍♀️🪷


Why I love Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga strengthens the navel which is our centre of personal power and connection supporting us to come from our truth. This can be manifested in life as feeling more confident, courageous and intuitive.  I've watched so many people transform themselves with this practice.  They notice they can handle the pressure and discomforts of life and look inside for energy, wisdom and what they need inside of expecting the outside world to fulfil them.  I've noticed with others and myself, a strength and calm to stay grounded and connected instead of reacting and freaking out all the time. Its effects on the glandular system and circulation are most noticeable for me which supports the health and balance of the whole body.  

Kundalini yoga practice shows us ourselves and what we are carrying. This can include addictions, relationship problems, our physical state and our negative mental patterns.  It gives us an invitation to move through, to excel and to heal ourselves.

Kundalini yoga is one of my best tools for these intense times and I always feel healthier and clearer for doing my regular practice. Jen Gold



Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is a form of Raj or Royal yoga that was brought to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. It is the yoga of awareness.  A technology to support the creative potential of human beings and the awakening of self healing.  Yogi Bhajan was called to share this ancient practice, which was before only available to royality and yogis, to support us in the transition into the Aquarian age.

The intent of kundalini yoga is to support us clear our energy pathways, release blocks and allow our vital life force energy to flow freely to every cell in our beings.  When our life force energy flows freely we feel clear, balanced, grounded and connected to our true selves, life and the universe. We feel fully awake and alive!

How kundalini yoga helps

Regular kundalini yoga practice allows us to not only survive in this time of chaos and uncertainty, but to thrive in it. We do not retreat from life, we excel in it. Our self awareness is strong and we navigate life with deep connection.

Physically our vital life systems such as the nervous system are strengthened and the glandular system is balanced which promotes emotional stability, physical health and vitality. Negative patterns and unhelpful thoughts transcend into creativity and the ability to excel through life's challenges.

By clearing our bodies with movement, postures and breathing our life force (prana) is allowed to flow in and our elimination energy (apana) to flow out. This can be released in different ways through our channels of elimination e.g. having a runny nose, wind or sweating. It's also common to release with laughing, crying and yawning. These are all normal ways the body moves energy out and are very welcome in class!

How can it benefit you?

Most commonly people feel more empowered, clearer, happier, healthier and more connected to life. Often people can have huge shifts in their life and notice health conditions improve or go completely. Some feel they unravel and find themselves into a new space in their work, home life and relationships.

Practicing kundalini yoga is a life changing experience!

It's a joy to witness the healing and change in those who come to regular classes. Kundalini yoga is a life support and a powerful healing tool for empowerment, health, happiness and divine connection.

Who can practice it?


It is described as "house holders yoga" and can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

There are some positions that are not recommended in pregnancy, heart conditions, high and low blood pressure or when menstruating and it's advised to let the teacher know.

Whilst you are most welcome to come to a class if you are feeling low or unwell, please be mindful of coming if you have a condition that maybe contagious and check with the teacher first.

What happens in a kundalini yoga class?

What happens in a class?

A class is usually 90 minutes and has a sequence of 

Tuning in with the mantras
Ong namo guru dev namo x3
Ad guray nameh x3

Warm up exercises


Relaxation time


Close space with
Long time sun x2
Long Sat Nams x3

(For more details see beginners handout below)

We are encouraged to listen to our own body, beyond the mind chatter and distractions. We move beyond the limitations of the mind into knowing. Knowing when to rest, knowing when to break through. This is a practice of self awareness and empowerment.

Kundalini yoga teachers do not adjust people into postures. Instead they guide with instructions and projection.  Each kriya has been instructed by Yogi Bhajan and teachers follow that exact formula. This makes it safe as we receive the teachings in the purest form. 


Kundalini Yoga Testimonials🙌

🌟Yoga with Jen is far from ordinary … it’s a nourishing, enriching & powerful experience.

Jen draws upon her many areas of expertise, to deliver a light touch, authentic & loving internal dive into Kundalini magic … Shari


🌟Jen opened up my world to a deeper sense of self through Kundalini Yoga.

With Jen as my teacher I learned a dedication practice or mantra, kryia & breath work which has allowed me to connect with loving myself, community & knowing my purpose- Sat Nam! 🙏🏽 Sally Harris, Groundswell Scotland, https://groundswell-scotland.org


🌟 I love her 11 day yoga resets, which she runs throughout the year. I am from Scotland but live in Sussex and do these sessions from my sitting room via Zoom, which works beautifully. These resets never fail to create healthy physical and mental shifts. Sheena, Detox Health Beauty https://www.detoxhealthbeauty.com


🌟After my first reset I was hooked because it created a nice, consistent routine that I really needed and stabilised me. It's a great way to restart if I find myself straying and being less consistent in life. The daily voice notes are so informative and encouraging. I find I am quite addicted to these resets! It's such a lovely way to begin the day 🤍Jill


🌟 I’m healing really well after donating a Kidney two weeks ago. Im feeling stronger and less tired every day and haven’t needed an afternoon nap today.  I’m so grateful for all the Reiki healing energy I’ve received and also how fit my body is, from being a student of Kundalini yoga. These combined has put me in a great place for healing.  I’m so Grateful for the gorgeous nurturing space Jen holds in the Yurt.


🌟Resets are challenging and rewarding at the same time. The support and encouragement from Jen allows you to complete your goal, feel amazing, and tap into super productive energy to use how you want. Well worth doing. Jen is a truly wonderful yoga teacher. She creates unique lessons and intuitively sets exactly the right energy for every class. Kundalini yoga is the most magical yoga, and with Jen's guidance, I feel a real sense of inner connection and peace at the end of each class. I highly recommend Jen as your go-to Yoga Guru! Claire Higgens


🌟I have been lucky enough to participate in Jen's weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes for over 2 years now & they have truly transformed my life. Jen has a seemingly unlimited wealth of knowledge about yoga, the body, the mind & the spirit - her classes are much more than a just a yoga session! I feel that each week not only am I building on & strengthening my yoga abilities but also learning about the importance of taking care of my spiritual & physical self - through self-care, quality nourishment & exercise. Jen's classes are relaxed, fun & informative - I always come away feeling rejuvenated & with ideas for continuing my journey of self-improvement.  Jen is one of those people you meet in life who inspires you to be the best version of yourself, she's a powerful, knowledgeable & kind teacher inclusive & welcoming to all. If you're considering Kundalini Yoga, you won't find a better place to practise! Kim


 🌟I was looking into yoga when Jen introduced me to Kundalini. I have learned so much more about how my body works and although I am not always able to do the postures as well as Jen does, I certainly feel the benefits after my body has moved in ways it is not used to doing. I love her encouragement to do our best and with the option of a zoom call, I can do all this in the privacy of my own home. If you are not sure about yoga, I would definitely suggest you give this a try for yourself. 

Jane Quinn, Director, https://www.miworldconsultancy.co.uk 


Kundalini Yoga ☀️ beginners class handout

Tuning In
Easy pose, on our sitting bones with palms together, pressing gently, thumbs at heart ?centre, touching sternum
Lift sternum up, bring chin in
Inhale, expand the belly
Exhale, bring the belly in

Inhale deeply
Exhale fully, like squeezing the last juice out of a lemon

Inhale to begin

Ong namo
Guru dev namo
(Say 3 times)

I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within
Centres us in the highest self, spiritually guides the teacher and students during the class
Connecting to the golden chain
Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh
Sat guray nameh, siree guroo dayv-ay nameh
(Say 3 times)

I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom true through the ages
I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the unseen wisdom.
This mantra clears the clouds of doubt and opens us to guidance and protection. It surrounds the magnetic field with protective light

Resonate the sound, pronouncing each sound with the lips and the tongue. Project the sound ?Connecting with your inner teacher.
Connecting with infinite wisdom

Warm up ☀️

A good routine will warm up the muscles, move the blood, deepen the breath and flex the spine.

Some recommendations ~

☀️Sun salutations ~ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZZa4psFcpk
A few exercises from basic spinal series

I recommend these exercises as a good warm up routine.

✨Sufi grind
✨Spinal flex
✨Spinal twist
✨Shoulder shrugs
✨Neck rolls
✨Cat cow
✨Cat cow alternate
✨Life nerve stretch

A good resource for kriyas is pinklotus.org
Stick to the ones that are pages from a book. This is directly from yogi bhajans manual and is authentic. Any kriya instructions with photos of people practising and not wearing white should be avoided!

It is best to be part of a class and have a teacher when beginning kundalini yoga. You can also find some wonderful class recordings online. As a guideline, make sure the person teaching kundalini yoga in a class or online, has their head covered, usually in a white cloth.

It is important to follow every detail of instructions for each kriya including timing. You can do less time whilst a beginner but each timing has to be constant. This could be half or a quarter of the stated time for each exercise. A stop watch is ideal to help you keep track.

Some kriyas from class

✨Nabhi kriya ~ http://www.pinklotus.org/-%20KY%20Kriya%20nabhi%20kriya%20english.htm

✨Kriya for deep meditation

✨Kriya for elevation

✨Surya kriya

✨Kriya for morning sadhana

✨Wahe guru kriya

Mulbandh (root lock)
A body lock that corrects our flow of life force energy.
It is frequently applied at the end of an exercise to crystallise its effects and is usually applied with neck lock.

Root lock is a smooth motion that consists of three parts ✨
Contract anal sphincter, feel muscles lift upwards and inwards
When muscles tighten and move, contract muscles around sexual organ. Experienced as a slight lift and rotation inward of pubic bone (like trying to stem the flow of urine)
Then contract lower abdominal muscles and navel point towards the spine.

These three actions applied together in a smooth, rapid, flowing motion is the mulbandh or root lock. It can be applied when breath held in or out.

Jalandhar bandh (Neck lock)
Applied in all chanting meditations and during most pranayama exercises. Whenever you are holding your breath in or out it is usually applied unless otherwise instructed.

Sit comfortably with spine lifted
Lift chest and sternum upward
At the same time, gently stretch the back of the neck straight by pulling the chin towards back of neck (do not force the head forward or down)
Head stays level and centred, does not tilt forward or to either side
Muscles of neck and throat remain loose. Brow and face muscles relaxed

Neck lock seals the energy generated in upper brain, creates nerve flexes that stimulate and balance thyroid and parathyroid glands and prevents changes in blood pressure that can happen during exercise and breathing. It acts as a safety valve that regulates pressure by reducing dizziness that can result from practice. It brings the balance of the water with the fire in the belly.

Taken from "The Aquarian Teacher ~ text book level one instructor by Yogi Bhajan (p107-109)

Corpse pose (laying flat on back, ankles together, palms facing up)
Head flat on ground, no pillow
Socks, blankets.
Important to integrate and let the body rest after movement
It's part of the class and don't skip it!
Usually about 10 mins (or more if you're lucky!)

Coming out of relaxation ~ breathe deep into body inhale and exhale, wiggle fingers and toes, circle wrists and ankles around one way, then the other, stretch the spine, arms overhead, stretch both sides, knees to chest, rub hands and feet together, rock side to side, rock up to easy pose


There are lots of beautiful meditations available on line
Here are a few to begin your journey ?

Mul mantra

Ek Ong Kar
Sat naam
Karta purakh
Nirbo, nirvair,
Akaal moorat
Aad such, jugaad such, Hai bhee such, Nanak hosee bhee such.

Snatam Kaur singing mul mantra https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DjbodQeOFog

Remember to use your tongue and lips when pronouncing mantras. This stimulates the energy points in your mouth and you become the vibration of the mantra. Your lips are the feminine, your tongue the masculine and when you pronounce each sound you make love with the universe

 Closing space

Easy pose with palms together, thumbs at heart ?centre, touching sternum
Lift sternum up, bring chin slightly in
Inhale, expand the belly
Exhale, bring your belly in

Inhale deeply
Exhale fully, like squeezing the last juice out of a lemon

Inhale to begin
May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

(Sing 2 times)

This is a blessing to give and receive

There is also a version of the Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur

Then finish with three long Sat Nams


(Say 3 times)
Truth identified
I am truth


Snatam Kaur

Singh Kaur ~ crimson collection and this universe

Nirijan Kaur

Ajeet Kaur


Jai Jagdeesh

Sat Karin Kaur Khalsa✨



Kundalini Yoga ~ sadhana guidelines ~ (a great introduction)

All books from Yogi Bhajans teachings

The Aquarian teacher (instructor training manual for kundalini yoga teachers)

satnam.eu (great selection of books, music and equipment)

Sahej school with Hari Har Ji




European kundalini yoga festival ~ 3ho-europe.org




Chanting mantra silently or out loud is a conscious method of controlling and directing the mind (an effective way to train your puppy!).

Attitudes and beliefs are vibrations or thought waves. What we choose becomes our vibration and defines how we feel and what we project to others.

The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy, having structure, power and definite predictable effect on the chakras and human psyche. Mantras are formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and chemistry of the brain according to physical and meta physical laws. The power of mantra is in sound vibration. Mantras used in kundalini yoga elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition.

Project the sound

Resonate the sound, pronouncing each sound with the lips and the tongue. This stimulates the energy points in your mouth and you become the vibration of the mantra. Your lips are the feminine, your tongue the masculine and when you pronounce each sound you make love with the universe ✨
Eck Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

Eck Ong Kaar Sat Naam Siree Wha-hay Guroo

The creator and all creation are one. This is our true identity. The ecstasy of this wisdom is great beyond words.

Eight parts relates to eight energy centres (7 chakras plus aura). Each word is a code letter or a digit in the phone number of the direct line between you and creation. Creates relationship between your soul and universal creative energy. It is very powerful at awakening the kundalini energy and suspending the mind in bliss.

Gurudass ~ enchanted album
Ajeet Kaur ~ Peace ~ The temple door album


Ad guray nameh

Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh
Sat guray nameh, siree guroo dayv~ay nameh

I bow to the primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom true through the ages
I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the unseen wisdom.

Infinity of your highest self. This mantra clears the clouds of doubt and opens us to guidance and protection. It surrounds the magnetic field with protective light ?
Jai Jagdeesh
Snatam Kaur
Ajeet Kaur


Ong Namo

Ong namo
Guru dev namo

I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within

Centres us in the highest self, spiritually guides the teacher and students during the class
Connecting to the golden chain ☀️
Live in concert by Snatam Kaur


Mul mantra

Eck ong kaar, sat naam, kartaa purakh, nirbho, nirvair
Akal moort, ajoonee, saibhang, guruprasaad. Jap.
Aad such, jugaad such, haibhee such
Naanak hosee bhee such
One creator. Creation. Truth identified. Doer of everything. Fearless. Revengeless. Undying. Unborn. Self illuminated, self existent Guru's grace. Meditate! ?
True in the beginning, true through all the time. True even now, Nanak says truth shall ever be.

Contains the root sound that all effective mantras contain.

Snatam Kaur
Sada Sat Kaur


Adi shakti

Aadee shaktee, namo, namo
Sarab shaktee, namo, namo
Pritham bhaagavatee, namo namo
Kundalinee, maataa shaktee, namo, namo

I bow to the Primal Power
I bow to the all Emcompassing Power and Energy
I bow to that through which God creates
I bow to the creative power of kundalini, the Divine Mother Power

This devotional mantra invokes the primary Creative Power which is manifest as the feminine. It calls upon the Mother Power. It will help you to be free of the insecurities which block freedom of action. By meditating on it one can obtain a deeper understanding of the constant interplay between the manifest and the unmanifest qualities of the cosmos and consciousness.
Adi Shakti ~ Gurudass


Gobinday mukanday

Gobinday, mukanday, udaaray, apaaray
Hareeung, kareeung, nirnaamay, akaamay
Sustaining, liberating, enlightenment, infinite

Destroying, creating, nameless, desireless

Can eliminate karmic blocks or errors of the past. Has power to purify magnetic field, makes easy to relax and meditate. Protective, balances two hemispheres of brain, bringing compassion and patience.

Sada Sat Kaur ~ from the album Shashara
SatKirin Kaur Khalsa ~ from the album Jap



Wahe guru wahe jio

Wha~hay guroo wha~hay guroo
Wha~hay guroo wha~hay jeeo

Mantra of ecstasy. There is no real translation for it though we could say " wow, god is great!" Indescribably great is God's infinite wisdom. Jio is affectionate, but still respectful variation of word Ji which means soul. The bliss of this mantra soothes the wounds of life. We establish ourselves for victory and the right to excel.

Jai Jagdeesh ~ I am Thine
Nirinjan Kaur ~ Prem



Wahe Guru

Wha~hay guroo

Infinity and ecstasy. Dwelling in god. Expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to understanding). The infinite teacher of the soul. Guru mantra which triggers destiny.
Jai Jagdeesh ~ I am Thine
Nirinjan Kaur ~ Prem
Sa ta na ma

Saa Ta Naa Maa
Saa = infinity, totality of the cosmos

Taa = life (birth of form from infinity)

Naa = death (or transformation)

Maa = rebirth

Expresses the five primal sounds (SSS, MMM, TTT, NNN, AAA)

Increases intuition, balances the hemispheres of the brain and creates destiny if there was once none. Describes the continuous cycle of life and creation.

Har Har Mukunde

Har har mukunday
Har is the creative aspect of infinity. Mukunday is the liberating aspect of the self.
This mantra removes fear and turns challenges into opportunities.

Singh Kaur ~ Crimson collection
Sa rey sa sa

Saa ray saa saa, saa ray saa saa, saa ray saa saa, saa rung
Har ray har har, har ray har har, har ray har har, har rung

Saa is the infinite, the origin, the beginning, the subtle and beyond. The element of ether

Har is creativity of earth. The dense element, the power of manifestation. Tangible and personal.

These sounds are woven together and projected. Adversity melts before this mantra.
Gives effective communication so your words contain mastery and impact. Helps conquer wisdom of past present and future. Brings peace and prosperity even if it wasn't your destiny.

Nirinjan Kaur ~ Prem Siri album
Sat Siri Siri Akal

Sat siree, siree akaal, siree akaal,
maahaa akaal, maahaa akaal,
sat naam, akaal moorat,
wha hay guroo

Great truth. Great beyond death. Great beyond death.
Great beyond death.
Truth is the name. Deathless image of god.
Great beyond words is this wisdom.
Sada Sat Kaur ~ from the album Shashara

Jai Jagdeesh

The above information is taken from
The Aquarian Teacher by Yogi Bhajan






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